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Trade-In Opportunities (for Invisible Fence®, PetStop® and other systems)

Do you have an existing underground dog fence? Have you heard about the benefits and features of the DogWatch® system and wish that you could upgrade to a DogWatch system? Wish no more. At DogWatch, we make it easy for you to get the very best.

trade_insWith DogWatch, you get:

  1. The safety and security of an FM system.
  2. More safety features than other brands.
  3. Receiver batteries that last two (2) years*. (compare the savings)
  4. A system that you can adjust without calling a service technician.
  5. Lifetime Equipment Warranty included
    (even for dog chews!).
  6. Full lightening and surge protection - - the best there is at no extra charge.

Want to learn more about how DogWatch compares to the Invisible Fence® brand? Click the links below:

If you are ready to switch, we make it easy for you. In most situations, we can use your existing buried wire so the installation is quick and easy. We just swap out the equipment (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) and adjust the settings so they are appropriate for your pet(s). We will determine if your pet needs any refresher training and we’ll provide that, too, if needed. And because we appreciate your business, we’ll even discount the cost of the equipment!

Our Competitive Trade-In Plan is available for Invisible Fence® Brand, PetStop®, Petsafe®, Dog Guard®, and most other Dealer installed systems.

* The battery in the standard R9 receiver lasts 2 years. The battery in the R7 receiver (designed for small dogs and cats) lasts 6 months.


We started with DogWatch about 2 years ago and have been very pleased with our system. It corrected the problem we were having with our 5 dogs chasing me to our gate and running out when it opened. They also used to sit at the gate and wait for me to come home so they could make a quick dash out when I tried to come in. DogWatch was recommended to us years ago, and I would highly recommend this system to all my friends and family. I know some people who have another invisible fence system and always seem to have problems. In my opinion DogWatch is the best one out there!! DogWatch saved MY sanity! (Probably my dogs' lives too).

Molly Albert
Hilton Head, SC